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The work of a healer & teacher is that of a facilitator, a guide for deep transformation on an energetic and emotional level, creating sacred space, opening doors for healing using ancient knowledge and tools, to strengthen a person’s own power!

Ultimately all healing is self-healing!

Upcoming events & activities

In-person & online

. Workshops

January 14 2023 “Is Dat Mijn Energie?” Zaandam, The Netherlands

January 15 2023 Hoe Realiseer Ik Mijn Dromen…? Zaandam, The Netherlands

January 30 2023 Is This Your Energy?, Tenafly, NJ

February 4 2023 ONLINE Raising your energy with the power of the Sun & Moon.

February 16 2023 How To Manifest Your Dreams… Nairobi, Kenia

February 24-26 2023 EAGLE Path Healing School session 1, in-person, New York City

March 24-26 2023 EAGLE Path Healing School session 2, New York City

March 27 2023 How To Manifest Your Dreams…, Tenafly NJ

April 28-30 2023 EAGLE Path Healing School session 3, New York City

May 19-21 2023 EAGLE Path Healing School session 4, New York City

June 16-18 2023 EAGLE Path Healing School session 5, New York City

. Private healing sessions

ONGOING: By appointment, and available in-person, by PHONE, ZOOM and long-distance!

UPON REQUEST: Your Tonalamatl (Aztec Calendar) based on the codices and oral traditions of the Toltecs.

. How To Manifest Your Dreams…

Do you have a dream? A dream about what your life ideally would look like? How would it be if you have a dream, and that you could plant that dream in your subconscious and you could actually manifest that dream in our life?

EAGLE HealingbSchool 2023
New York City

I am really excited to announce that I will be teaching the first part of a EAGLE Healing School in January 2023! This hands-on education will provide you with a beautiful opportunity to heal aspects of your self that need healing, and learn profound ancient indigenous tools so you can provide a healing session in service of others.

This 6-month course will be a wonderful journey, one weekend a month from January-June 2023, and we will work together to bring out and develop your potential as a powerful healer. And yes, this EAGLE Healing School will be in-person, starts January 27 2023 in New York City, and will be limited to 8 participants; I can’t wait to work with you, and go together on this wonderful adventure!


In Nahuatl, the indigenous language of Central Mexico, the work of a healer is called Tonalatoyankuichihuani and means “the renewer or rebuilder of the tonal/energy river”.

Around 6-7 years ago I fell in love with the magic, science and wisdom of the ancient Toltec tradition through Sergio Magaña. Since the pandemic I have been an enthusiastic student of Temachtiani Akaxe Gomez; his depth of knowledge of this ancient science and wisdom adds so much not only to my healing practice, but also to living daily life in an ever…


Jacques is a gifted healer, and having him guide me through my spiritual journey means all the world to me! Our sessions have always brought me ease in my life experience, brought me deeper into my knowingness of myself, into my purpose. I enjoy the organic and spontaneous approach he takes to each individual session… always interesting and rewarding in the most profound ways.

Elissa, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Englewood NJ 2022

My sister and I absolutely appreciated your dream planting/manifestation practices, and the power of intention you taught at the end of 2020.  Her “dream” was to have a child, she now has an adorable 6-month old; mine was to record/release some of my music, and I did, and I put up a website in 2021!  It really paid off!

Joe, Musician, New York NY 2020

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Plant your Dreams NOW!

The last couple of weeks I have said goodbye to winter, in my mind, and in my heart. I started looking ahead, wondering what I wanted to grow in this new cycle of seasons, in my metaphorical garden, and in my backyard. Do I only want to grow something practical that I can eat, like…


​Asking for help is not really my cup of tea. I don’t know if it is my upbringing, or that I am a guy, and you just don’t do that, but … I am not good at it, and often to my own detriment. If only I had reached out my hand, or asked a…

​Looking at death…

There are many ways to look at death, but what our western culture has done is that it has moved death into the wings, into the background of life, even off the stage of our life, denying its existence, out of fear. A year into the pandemic, we have seen more death around us than many…

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