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“Jacques is a gifted healer, and having him guide me through my spiritual journey means all the world to me! Our sessions have always brought me ease in my life experience, brought me deeper into my knowingness of myself, into my purpose. I enjoy the organic and spontaneous approach he takes to each individual session… always interesting and rewarding in the most profound ways.”

– Elissa, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Englewood NJ 202

– Genesis, Writer, Los Angeles CA 2022

“Working with Jacques was a deeply spiritual and transformative experience, and I am grateful for his intuitive, care-filled support.  Practices that he shared with me during a particularly challenging health crisis continue to be part of my daily routine.  It is a gift to be in the healing space Jacques creates.”

Sasha, Teacher/Life Coach, New York NY

“Jacques has helped clear and strengthen my energy system and helped manifest a job that I dreamt of! He is self-aware, psychically attuned, and very, very, grounded.  He knows how to work with the nature spirits and elements to bring something from the ether into physicality.  Jacques is a powerful healer with deep shamanic qualities.  As an energy-healing practitioner myself, I value and trust Jacques to help me when I need the extra power boost to help myself.  He is amazing.”

– Linda, Energy Healer, San Diego CA

“My sister and I absolutely appreciated your dream planting/manifestation practices, and the power of intention you taught at the end of 2020.  Her “dream” was to have a child, she now has an adorable 6-month old; mine was to record/release some of my music, and I did, and I put up a website in 2021!  It really paid off!”

– Joe, Musician, New York NY 2020

“Working with Jacques has been an absolute pleasure! His supportive and heart-centered energy helped me to feel comfortable enough to dive deep during our healing work. I felt an immediate change in my energy after our session, and I continue to feel an increasing sense of expansion, peace, and liberation.”

– Genesis, Writer, Los Angeles CA 2022


“Taking a deep dive is not easy. Finding a safe and sacred space, and a practitioner that holds it deeply for you is truly a gift. Each time I work with Jacques I am able to reach places of discovery. With his guidance, releases are able to unfold. I am grateful for the wisdom Jacques is able to share.”

– Michele, Musician/Sound Healer, New York 2022

“I was confused, and lost in my life, didn’t know which direction to go. Jacques didn’t show me the way, he just helped me heal and empower myself, connected me with parts of my own truth. After the session my path started to manifest itself, along with the door to the secret wisdom we all have inside, but often have forgotten. What a blessing!”

– Renata, Designer, Berlin/Germany, 2022

“Jacques’ sessions are empowering! Over the last 6 years, I have relied on his practice to work on the deeper healing and detachments of my life-long cyclical major depressive disorder. These experiences, along with the self-healing tools we work on together to develop, have also helped me face some of the causes at the root of my acute anxiety and panic attacks.”  

– Claudia, Director Not-For-Profit, New York, NY 2022 

“I got a lot out of our few sessions! The bringing in of my own energy and the cord cutting with my son were life changing! Thank you so much for your care and genuine love of my Spirit! I felt that very strongly and it helped me embrace some letting go and renewal!”

– Ruth, Social Worker, New York, NY

“Jacques is a very intuitive and knowledgeable healer and I’m so happy I crossed paths with him on my healing journey. In our healing session, he worked with me to release and let go of any energies that I held in my body (related to my mother and father). It was so unique and done so beautifully — and most importantly, I felt safe being vulnerable and sharing my experiences with him.

Doing a healing and a workshop later that same day took an emotional and mental toll on me– but I felt Jacques was holding my hand throughout the way, checking in and ensuring I’m hydrating and getting rest.

I am starting my journey to heal others; Jacques was open to share some advice and also some practices that can help me along the way– something I don’t find with other healers who want to safeguard their knowledge. I feel he is legit because he wants to share his wisdom to not only heal individuals but also the collective. Forever grateful for the time, knowledge, and conversations we shared.”  

– Jackie, New Jersey