Committed to guiding & healing people

In Nahuatl, the indigenous language of Central Mexico, the work of a healer is called Tonalatoyankuichihuani and means “the renewer or rebuilder of the tonal/energy river”.

Around 6-7 years ago I fell in love with the magic, science and wisdom of the ancient Toltec tradition through Sergio Magaña. Since the pandemic I have been an enthusiastic student of Temachtiani Akaxe Gomez; his depth of knowledge of this ancient science and wisdom adds so much not only to my healing practice, but also to living daily life in an ever more conscious way.

These Mexhika and other teachers encouraged me to teach and practice these ancient healing methods in service of others. I consider myself an independent critical thinker and cosmopolitan, a member of the larger world community of humankind. At the same time, being aware that I am a white male, a native of The Netherlands, and an immigrant to the USA, I consider that permission a privilege and an honor; my purpose is to create more understanding and appreciation for the knowledge and wisdom of these ancient indigenous nations, building bridges between individuals and cultures, based on our shared humanity.

I invite everyone who is interested to look at this extraordinary body of ancient scientific wisdom, based in the experience of the cycles in Nature, Humankind and the Universe.

This intermediate space is delicate to be in, and I approach this bridge function consciously and with integrity.

Being a healer in our contemporary individualistic, masculine-oriented and -dominated society can be a challenge; our work as healers is overwhelmingly based on our receptive, feminine aspect within (even though we need our masculine aspect as well for healing). Our elders, ancestors and teachers, as well as a lifetime of experience and a strong inner voice, guide my work, and continue to bring me back to a place of love and compassion.

Working with shamans in Peru and Ecuador and so many Mexhika shamans has prepared me for this heart-felt calling. Assisting in healing is creating the fertile ground and conditions so clients can make the transition and move forward in their lives, never a business that you market and sell according to individualistic principles. It is our collaborative effort and flow that creates the healing.

My practice is based on a larger concept of community, is inclusive, and is not limited to only people who financially can afford it; healing is accessible for all who are willing to pursue it, and it is my privilege to witness it, and provide the care and conditions for that.

As a healer we become like a hollow flute, so we can connect to the Eye of Spirit (or Buddha, Jesus, Hora etc.) and let Spirit do the work. In the healing process, healer and client will collaborate, and, together,  connect to and ground in Mother Earth.