Plant your Dreams NOW!

The last couple of weeks I have said goodbye to winter, in my mind, and in my heart. I started looking ahead, wondering what I wanted to grow in this new cycle of seasons, in my metaphorical garden, and in my backyard. Do I only want to grow something practical that I can eat, like vegetables, or do I want to add some beauty to the world, and food for other creatures, with flowers as well? Do I just want to spice things up with some herbs, or plant some trees that can carry flowers and fruit in years to come? Do I want my cactuses to just protect my windows, or do I want them to blossom too?
What do you want to plant, to nurture & grow, to blossom, to bear fruit, this season and/or in years to come?
–       for you,
–       for and/or with your loved ones,
–       for and/or with the people in your community?
Plant your dreams now! Behind glass, on your window sill. In pots on your fire escape. In your community garden. Next to the tree in front of your place. Or in your mind’s eye! You got the metaphor!
If your internal and/or external soil needs some assistance, guidance or fertilization, so your dreams really can take root, please let me know.

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