​Yesterday I spoke with my mentor. Yes, I have a mentor. Not only for my healing practice, as a spiritual endeavor, but also one as an entrepreneurial endeavor.
I had not done my homework, and he told me to focus. Put a note up above your desk, he said, with the word FOCUS on it! Then he told me with a smile that I am my own worst enemy. Sounds familiar?
I was reminded of that this morning again. I have been doing healings for people long distance, for people in LA with covid, in New York, in Europe. I don’t always hear back from people so I sometimes doubt the healing work I do. This morning I heard back from a client in LA that I had worked on yesterday. She has covid and pneumonia. The first session had lowered her fever, yesterday, though still needing oxygen at home, she had been able to sleep for the first time till 5am this morning.
It made me very happy. “This shit works”, I told my girlfriend, who is a healer too, and we both laughed. How easy is it to doubt ourselves, to give in to that internal thought, that internal enemy that tells us we are not good enough… What does that enemy know? Really? It isn’t me, though it pretends to.
My mentor reminded me who I was. That is what mentors do. They recognize your humanity, your potential. They are mostly older people (2 of my mentors are in their mid-seventies), and they all have something to share, and they want to share. Why don’t we more often tap into that wisdom of older people? Because we want to stay young? Older people are often written off, put away, forgotten, no longer of use in our productivity-demanding industrial society. But what about their treasures of human wisdom, of human experience? What about that? Are we just going to let that go to waste?
Our new president is the oldest one ever, 78 years old. I probably will not agree with everything he will do, but I do know he is a man of real life experience, humility, wisdom, and even more important, who cherishes humanity. In everyone. Because he knows from experience what it means to be human. You only had to watch the inauguration and see the diversity of people that spoke and sang! THAT is what will build our future blessings together, because that is what we share in essence: our humanity!

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