2021: Keeping the Dream Alive!


2021: Keeping the Dream alive!

Dear friends and family:
2020… what is there still to say? We all lived it with our loved ones, as we also mourn the loss of so many on our planet, in our country, our neighborhood or family. For one or other reason we made it through.
So, why are we still here? In my humble opinion, it is because the world still needs us, people close to us still need us. They need our light, our love, they need our sense of humor, as dark as our humor sometimes may be. We survived in order to continue sharing our gift(s). Each and single one of us.
What is my gift, you might ask? If you don’t know right away, ask your friends, your family, your neighbors… because we ALL have at least one! We want to be aware of it, so we can shine it brighter, to more people than ever.
As we shine brighter, we are also able to receive the light and love from others, allowing ourselves to be nourished by it, as we’re going through this essential transition, becoming more human. I know, we are not there yet, but if we ride this wave, and fill it with compassion, we will get through this. Together.
I like the hummingbird as a metaphor! In the Toltec tradition it is called Huitzilopochtli, and it is the symbol of the Rising Sun, and of “making the impossible possible”, since it is the only bird that can fly backwards….! As an inspiring symbol it can strengthen our willpower and discipline.
Let’s dream with that hummingbird in mind, and pay attention to our dreams! They are the key to our light! Our dreams and our Light are all we really have! Keep them going! Plant new dreams with your Light! Let’s make the impossible possible in 2021, and keep our negative thinking from becoming self-fulfilling prophecies! It’s up to us! Each single one of us!
Use your gift(s), for you and for your loved ones! Shine your Light on the world around you! Build your (new) dream in 2021! Any adversity or challenges will make us stronger, more humble, more human!
Let’s build this dream together! (If you need a helping hand, please lmk!)
Sending you Love, Light and Laughter for now and the year to come!
Stay healthy, safe, compassionate and together!

“When we take a step, the whole world rises to meet the sole of your feet” – Susan Moon

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