​Mental and emotional health, heart and healing.

 Its an understatement that we live in challenging times. The amount of people needing financial, emotional and spiritual support grows with the day. Some see the changes we go through and adjust, others see it and resist, while others close their eyes for it. There is a major cosmic shift happening on this planet, that has been forecasted almost 500 years ago, when Spain invaded this continent. It has been written about, and forgotten, but Cuauthemoc did give an idea what we would go through in the year 2020/2021: there will be a response from the earth to how we treated her (pandemic); our economy would collapse; there would be solar flares disturbing our communications, and there would be people in the streets… Sounds all familiair? No, this is not a conspiracy theory, it was a forecast based on astronomy, the larger cycles in the Universe, and the Aztec calendar. No, no reason to panic, or be afraid either, just an encouragement to keep your eyes open to awaken to what is happening in the Universe. Our Universe, called planet Earth. It’s called the transition from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun. It’s a transition from a time filled with anger, exploitation by some, and health experts and god outside ourselves, to a time where we look for answers inside ourselves, where we will be able to feel and know what is good for our health by feeling our bodies, where god is also inside of us, and where community takes a bigger place. We are already in this transition, just look around. Yoga has gotten a bigger place in our society, attempting to uniting body, mind and soul. New forms of community have been created, and spirituality is growing. The transition is not yet complete. We have some cleaning up to do, to get rid of some old patterns, that have been around for many generations. We can heal these ancestors, and their destructive patterns (and honor the loving patterns that they shared with us!). This weekend we honor our ancestors, in El Dia de los Muertos, or on All Souls Day, or on Halloween, when the veil between the worlds of life and death is thinnest. Death is transition, it is transformation, inherent to life. When something inside of us dies, it opens a space to grow and blossom something new.Even after our physical death! Thank you ancestors, who made our life possible, in so many ways. Who gave us the spirit to continue the work they started, the communities they and we are growing up in, where there is a place for everyone. Its an honoring of all life! As challenging as it may be. Life is in the heart, not in the head, and our heart is what we can share with others. It does not cost anything, besides a little energy. You don’t need to be someone in a certain way. We can all share our heart with anyone around us, be it our partners, kids, parents, neighbors, friends etc. In the end, HEART is all we have. Let’s continue to share it! This year, next year, and build a joint future based on our hearts!

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