​I am moving. For the somanieth time in my life. Do I like it? Yes and no. Yes, because I am moving to a place with a real garden, a bathroom where I can stand up straight and a separate room where I can do my healings. And, there is also a slight fear if everything will turn out the way I would like to: the landlord, the neighbors, really sharing a place with a partner again. It feels similar to the fear I had as a professional dancer, waiting in the wings right before getting on stage…. Once I got in front of the audience though, and (sometimes literally) had jumped onto the stage, the dance was there, flowing right out of my body. I had to trust that my training and commitment would get me where I needed to go on that stage, as well as in life. So here I am, once again, ready to jump, and, trying to trust that the net will be there, as the tagline of one of my emails tells everyone.
Were there moments I stumbled? Absolutely. Was there a moment my pants ripped as soon as I landed on stage? Yes there was! Were there moments I forgot the next move? Absolutely! Could I just stand still and think about what to do next while my fellow dancers kept on moving according to the choreography? Absolutely not. I had to improvise, until I could pick up the dance again, and continue the role I had taken to fulfill. I had to continue to move, even if it was with smaller steps, and sometimes in a different direction. I had to adjust.
As I am slowly moving forward with all the preparations for changing my residence, Mother Nature keeps moving forward as well, trying to restore her balance. We are trying to help her a little bit too. A couple of weeks ago my partner Liz collected 8 eggs from monarch butterflies that were left on one of our milkweed plants. After 4 days the eggs hatched, and the 8 caterpillars have been growing tremendously on the milkweed she lovingly feeds them twice every day. The first one got into the J-position today, hanging from the ceiling of its “cage”, starting the process of chrysalis, the cocoon, and will become a butterfly in the next 7 days. It feels like a metaphor for our lives: We will move in 4 days, and in 7 days our life will be transformed, living and breathing in a new place where we can spread our wings in a new, different way than before. That perspective makes me forget for a moment all the fears and doubts I had. Even though some of our stuff is still not packed, and the walls in the new place still need to be painted, I prefer to trust that everything will Fall in place.
Maybe things won’t work out (the way I had envisioned it, with all my imperfections), but maybe seeing if it does is the best adventure ever. And allowing the Universe to have a say in it, may bring me to places and experiences I could never have imagined. I can’t foresee everything in my life anyway, what I can do is keeping my dreams alive!
Take a moment today, just sit still, maybe listen to the birds on a bench in the park, or in your backyard. Go back to the dreams you once had and maybe still have. Remember the moments in life you trusted, sometimes blindly, that everything was going to be alright, despite the challenges of a move, a break-up, losing a job. How did you get beyond these moments? You remembered your heart’s dreams, trusted, and eventually tried to realize your dreams once again; sometimes alone, sometimes together with others. So you did it, didn’t you?
And if you feel like there are still obstacles towards your dreams that you would like to remove, join me for part 1 of “How To Manifest Your Dreams…” on Sunday October 4. Just shoot me an email.

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